Tuesday, December 9, 2014

~~Tee's For 2015~~

                                                          hikchik's hick chic Tee's
                                                         ~~Sample~~Logo Style~~
                                               ~~The logo Will Have A Faded Look~~
                               ~~ Colors Will Come In White~Black~Pink~Gray~Burlap~~
                                                 ~~Some Will Also Have~~Rhinestones~~
                                              ~~Others Will Be Added~~Junk'n Chick~~
                                                       ~~ A Chickie Pin Up Girl~~
                                            ~~Spelling Of Chick Not Worked Out Yet~~
                                  ~~They'll Be Offer At Kentuck Day And Art In The Park~~
                                                 ~~As Well As Gift With Purchase~~
                                             ~~Coming In 2015~~Will Post Up Dates~~


  1. Hope so! I'm having a couple worked up for me to wear at the Wausau Show. I'ld like gray and pink.