Monday, February 16, 2015

~~Had A Great Time At The Wausau Show~~

                                                ~~By Sunday My Booth Was~~Empty~~
                                          ~~All The Tubs And Small Buckets~~SOLD~~
                                                          ~~Painted Trunk~~SOLD~~
                                             ~~Chair And Many Burlap Pillows~~GONE~~
                                                        ~~Both Porch Rails~~SOLD~~
                               ~~I Had A Wonderful Time~~I Love Meeting The People~~
                                       ~~I Love It When They Buy Something From Me~~
                                                ~~And Can't Wait To Get It Home~~
                                                      Thank You All So Very Much!!!
                                  ~~If you Missed Out On Something Please Email Me~~
                                      ~~I Have May Nice Items I'll Be Painting Soon~~


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