Sunday, February 15, 2015


                                               ~~Nesting Box & Potting Table~~Sold~~
                                                      ~Purchased By Jodi Tuskowski~
                                          ~Owner Of At Candy Buffet Service~ 715-341-4281
                                                Gimme Some Sugar! Stevens Point, Wi
                                                        ~~Many Pillows~~Sold~~
                                                         ~~Tons Of Smalls~~Sold~~
                                                            ~~Wheel Barrel~~Sold~~
~This Dresser Was Also Purchased By Jodi~
  ~Gimme Some Sugar! A Candy Buffet Service~
                                          ~~Thanks To Everyone Who Shopped My Booth~~
                                                 ~~If you Missed Out One Something~~
                                         ~~Please Contact Me With Your Want List~~
                                                                Ph 715-484-2006
                                           ~~Coming Events~~Check Back For Updates~~
                                                   ~Kentuck Day July 25, Crandon~
                                                 ~At In The Square Sept. 19 Crandon~
                                         ~Labor Day Week-End Sale~My House~Pickerel~
                                                     ~Holiday Park Sale~Nov Wausau~

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