Sunday, May 15, 2016


                                                       ~I Love These Two Pictures~
                                                                 ~Check Out Line~
                                                            ~What A Great Shopper~
                                                       ~Looks Like She Got My Signs~
                                         ~I Worry~When I Do A Sale I Worry~Everytime~
                                            ~I Love The Sales I Do~I Only Do Six Sales~
                                   ~I Could Do More~But Why~I Want To Offer Cool Stuff~
                       ~I Love Happy Shoppers~I love To Hear~You Always Have Great Stuff~
                          ~haywired Was Full Of Cool Stuff~Tara Works Hard To keep It That Way~
                                                          ~A HUGE Thank You To all~
                                                         ~Hope To See You All At The~
                                                        Sept. 16th & 17th haywired Event

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