Tuesday, May 24, 2016

~Went Picking~

                                                             ~Picking For The Bunk House~
                                                          ~Love The Huge Horse Head~
                                                       ~Would You Say It's "Folk Art" ??

                                      ~This Sign Will For Sure Make It Into The Bunk House~

                                                            ~I Have Some Down Time~
                                                     ~So We Are Moving Stuff To Farm~ 
                                          ~Rows & Rows Of Stuff~I Want It Nice & Neat~ 
                                         ~John Gave Me A Nice Spot To Store All My Metal~
                                                           ~I'm Also Loving The Gate~
                                           ~I'm Hoping To Hold A Huge Sale Next Year~
                                                                Thanks For Looking


  1. Love it all. Can't wait to see it put together in a way only you can do it.

  2. I love it all..I'm going to have way more than I will ever use..I'm sure they'll be a couple sale in the new barn next year..