Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Talk About A "HUGE" Surprize!! I Got One At The Feb Show In Wausau...

                         For "YEARS" I've Wanted A Piece Of Sue Burgener's Work..
                      Sue Is The Owner Of Whirling Dervish Folk Art..Yes I'm A Fan!
                   I Asked Her To Do A Frame For Me..Well I Got More Than A Frame!!
         Sue & I Were Both Set Up A The Feb Show In Wausau..That's Were It  Happened..
                 Opening Morning I Walked In Waved To Sue And Headed To My Booth..
               That's When I Saw Something Sitting On One My Pieces Of Painted Furniture
                               As I Got Close That's When It Hit Me..  "OH MY GOD"  
                           Something I Had Wanted For Years!!!! Then Came The Tears!!
                                                   Meet The Queen!!!

                                           "The Queen Of Everything"

                                I'm In Search Of A "Throne"  For The Queen...

I'm Not Going Into Detail On How She's Was Make..
 She's Stunning!! She's A Work On Art!! By An Artist!
Created By Sue Burgener

Hail To The Queen
                                                        Thank You Sue...I Love Her...

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