Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wish I Had Some Pink Paint!!!

                                        Picked Up Some Cute Stuff..
                                           Love This French Vanity..
                                      Now If I Had Some Pink Paint..
                                      Found Some Sweet Deals On Glass Pulls...
                                   They Came In Packages Of 12 Nice Number..
                                     It Was Impossible To Control Myself!!!
                              I Love The Huge Ones...I Took 4 Packages Of Them..
                                 John Said Vikki When You Find It!! Buy It!!
                                                         Yes Dear!!
                           Super Cool. I Use Old Pulls As Much As Possible..
                          But The Clear Glass Ones Are Really Hard To Find..
                             I Love These Big Ones..Brings Out The Crow In Me..

1 comment:

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